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Quality in custom manufacturing


H-3508 Miskolc, Futó utca 74.

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Quality in custom manufacturing

About us

Our company’s main profile is the development and production of custom components and tools. Our portfolio includes the mechanical and electrical design, manufacture, redesign, maintanence and automation of industrial machines and production equipment.
Due to our modern machinery and the continuous development of our highly qualified staff, high quality, innovation and flexibility have become the hallmarks of our company. Our company is ISO 9001 certified and is in the process of implementing a management system in compliance with ISO 14001.
Most of the parts and tools are supplied for production equipment of multinational companies operating in Hungary. There is also a significant demand for the concept design and manufacture of new tools for partners’ developments.
We develop our products in close cooperation with our clients. We support the development of new products for our customers by designing and manufacturing the corresponding tools, devices and industrial machines.
We provide services closely related to the above activities is the mechanical and electrical design and construction of industrial machinery and equipment.
Our partners strive to keep their old equipment up to date and in line with the challenges of the times, in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Our company undertakes the development, repair and safety retrofitting of industrial machines, production lines and stations according to the needs of our customers.

  • Design, construction, installation and certification of industrial machines
  • Design and manufacture of individual tools and machine components
  • Design, construction, installation and certification of robot cells
  • Design, construction, installation and palletising of automatic conveyor systems
  • Automation of existing target machines
  • Metal work, metal welding (steels, stainless steels, aluminium)
  • 3D printing (plastics)
  • PLC programming
  • Electrical design and construction

Our services

Design, construction, installation and qualification of industrial machines

HD-Tools Kft. – Quality in custom manufacturing

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Design, construction and installation of complete production lines, automatic conveyor systems.
Design and manufacture of custom tooling, machine components.

Design and manufacture of custom tools and machine components

HD Tools Kft. – Quality in custom manufacturing

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EDM milling, Milling, CNC turning, Gear manufacturing, Welding (steels, stainless steels, aluminium), Drilling, Wire and block welding, Plate machining, Edge bending, Shaft manufacturing, Locksmithing, 3D printing (plastics)

Maintenance, upgrade and automation of existing machines

HD Tools Kft. – Quality in custom manufacturing

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Maintenance, repair, redesign and rebuild of existing malfunctioning machines.
Automation of existing target machines, installation of robotic arms. PLC programming.

Our machinery

Fanuc Robocut α-C600iB
CNC EDM machine

3 axis CNC milling machine

5 axis CNC lathe-turning machine

3 axis CNC milling machine

4 axis CNC milling machine

Mori-Seiki SV-50
4 axis CNC milling machine

CNC turning lathe

Spinner TS66H
CNC turning lathe

Spinner TC-400
CNC turning lathe

Kasto Kastotwin A2
CNC vertical bendsaw machine

Jung Diaform
NC surface grinder machine

Our partners


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